A new perspective on unique engineering solutions.

Engineered Building Systems Inc. (EBS) is a Northern Kentucky-based engineering firm specializing in mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire safety systems design. EBS, Inc. was started by a talented group of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky engineers. They’ve helped design some of the area’s notable hospitality, office, mixed-use, residential, multi family, education, civic, government/military, restaurant, and retail spaces.

They were seeing a lot of success fast and making quite a name for themselves, but they weren’t pleased with how their original branding stood up next to some of their competition. They called on us to help update their brand.

We wanted to design a mark that reflected on their industry and the unique perspective they have. The logo’s triangular shape represents a speed square, the convenient tool familiar to just about everyone in the MEPT industry. Just as the speed square brings together the common functions of other squares into one tool, the EBS logo, with its different shapes and balanced colors, represents the many stakeholders in the construction process coming together as one for the benefit of the client.