Our Trail.

For going on two decades now, we’ve been lucky to have partnered with successful local, national, and global brands who have entrusted us to provide them with the very best strategic design, branding and advertising services.

Our Name.

Our company was created to help businesses of all sizes become, and remain, successful. And we do that! But we also admit to having a bit of a soft spot when it comes to small business success stories.

For over 25 years, our office was home to a different kind of shop. A shop so successful that it was known across the nation as a trend-setter in its industry. The business catered to an exclusive group; making costumes, dresses and stage gear for actors and dancers. They shipped them all over the nation; long before mail-order was a mainstay, too! The retail space that we occupy today was a local favorite that sold “things” of all kinds and so was appropriately named, The Thing Shop.

Our name, The Think Shop, not only reflects what we do on a daily basis for our clients, but also pays proud homage to that small local shop in Northern Kentucky that made such a huge impact in its industry. Today The Thing Shop sign still hangs prominently inside our studio.

The Axe.

A symbol of quality craftsmanship,
innovation and discovery.

Today’s society is overwhelmed with gadgets, widgets and disposable items. For many it’s hard to comprehend or quantify the experience, effort and craftsmanship it takes to actually make something by hand when, modern technology and methods, enable us to easily replace the things that we use daily.

The Axe represents a time when the quality of a tool meant survival. When handmade was a necessity not a trend, and when forging a new path meant you gotta’ get dirty. The axe was one of mankind's most useful tools in industry and life, and still remains relevant. Many continue to use the axe every day the world over; the axe stands as a symbol of strength, innovation, progress, and success.

Those who use or have used an axe are builders, artisans, explorers and pioneers forging and fabricating, always forward thinking to make a better life for themselves or express individuality.

What could be considered by some a crude instrument fashioned for destruction, for many, axes are considered an original piece of artwork, each hand made, tailored to the region, tailored for its use and, in many cases, specific to the maker themselves.

The style of our axe was born in Kentucky (like us) and pays homage to creators, explorers, and pioneers from every industry, culture and society. Our axe represents ongoing discovery, well honed craftsmanship, and the quality and integrity in everything that we do each and every day.
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