KONI Shock Absorbers



For over 150 years KONI has been known as an innovation company, creating solutions and enhancing experiences for consumers across the globe with comfort generating motion control products. During this time, the company has only undergone three major brand updates of which we completed the most recent.

The Challenge

KONI asked us to update what had become a dark, and heavy brand with a light, vibrant feel, a look that made people excited and enthusiastic. This new brand was to convey the energy and motion of the company’s forward thinking approach while suggesting to the consumer the products would enhance their experience. This brand needed to be dynamic, powerful, on trend, clean and, without a doubt, technical.


The cluster of 5 triangles represents the different market segments of KONI which include Railway, Defense, Bus/Truck/Trailer, Automotive and Specialty.

This pattern represents controlled movement, motion, and forward progression. These are key elements of the KONI brand and the experience of the KONI product itself. It uses the iconic KONI triangle in systemic repetition suggesting motion. Finally, it is adaptable and expandable.


With over a century of rich history, we delved into the past to revisit the foundation upon which KONI had built its worldwide reputation. We discovered that it is, and always has been, about movement. Movement of people, vehicles, and machines. The company has always been devoted to improving the way the world progresses over road and rail.


The accentuation of this movement needed to be at the forefront in all of the company’s visual representation. Images and new brand elements needed to elicit feelings of excitement, energy, and confidence.


Our solution was the thoughtfully named “motion flow” graphic, which is a system of triangles utilizing light colors, soft reflections and powerful photography. KONI launched this brand and its supporting assets in the winter of 2016.


As a marketing and advertising partner for KONI North America, The Think Shop team plans and creates print and digital advertisements while maintaining global brand standards for this cutting-edge automotive products company. Ongoing efforts include managing all electronic, print, and social media. As well as managing online consumer engagement, including newsletters and B2B communications for sales efforts.