KONI performance shock absorbers, a 150 year old brand, gets a face lift.

KONI is the world’s premier manufacturer of performance and adjustable shocks. As a client for many years, we were the natural choice to help them out when the time came to refresh their brand.

Their previous branding felt dark and stale and we wanted to revive it to reflect the experience and feeling you get when using their products; which is energetic, confident, and exciting.

Thus, the “motion flow” graphic was born.

It was designed to depict the world of KONI: The corporation, its people, and the products they make. It’s formed from the iconic KONI triangle, a symbol that has been used within the brand for many years. The graphic, itself, is malleable and can be expanded. The triangles and patterns can be structured in such a way that it can symbolize the company and its five market segments:

• Railway
• Defense
• Bus, Truck, Trailer
• Automotive
• Specialty