Adding comfort and peace of mind in an otherwise disastrous industry.

Just a few years old and already very successful, Dry Effect faced the same problem as many small or start-up business do: they needed to get their name out there, fast, and they needed to make money.

For this reason, they started the company with a very industry-generic logo and materials kit just to begin generating name recognition and get work. But, as a result, the original brand ended up conveying a very disconnected, understated representation of the business professionals that they are and the services they provide.

Our challenge was to understand their business, and create a look that defined what they do, and how they do it. As they are a restoration company, it was part of our challenge to visually communicate the resolution they bring to disastrous situations.

We developed a completely new brand with a look and feel that separates them from the competition. Dry Effect is not a typical restoration company. They are top-level customer service provider and creators of comfort. They needed a brand that was soft and inviting, suggesting to consumers that they were the right choice to help ease the burden and pain of a disastrous situation.

We continue to support Dry Effect in advertising, SEO, SEM and Social content on a regular basis.

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