Giving a Modern Facelift to a Brand with Integrity.

Ashley Builders Group is a custom builder focusing on custom homes, townhomes, and renovations in the Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati neighborhoods. With over 40 years of experience, they possess the knowledge and expertise to make projects successful. The company has developed a customer-first team approach from the initial project development to completion unmatched in the industry because they believe that focusing on customer service achieves the best results for their clients. They have become known for their quality and attention to detail but most importantly as a builder that stands behind their projects.

The company came to us to refresh the design of their brand. Their was equity in the “A” letterform of the original logo so we decided to build on that and bring a modern refinement to the mark and accompany it with a contemporary typeface. We developed a graphic support system that mimicked blueprint symbols and reflected on the detail, precision and craftsmanship that goes into their work. Bringing these elements together along with the addition of a new color pallette and typeface provided a more modern, dynamic look to the brand.

Previous Logo

Updated Logo