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For over 40 years, Ashley Builders Group, a commercial property developer and custom residential builder, has focused on the construction of custom homes, townhomes, renovations, property management, and property development in Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati neighborhoods.

The company has established an unparalleled “customer-first” team approach to all of their projects which starts at the initial project development and carries through to each project’s completion. They’re known for their quality and attention to detail but, most importantly, as a builder that stands behind their projects.

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The Challenge

As the company grew, they began to offer a slate of general construction services to go along with their custom home construction business. These new offerings were marketed under the name Ashley Construction as a way to create an identity separate from Ashley Builders.

But in recent years, the owners began to sense that having these two names began to muddy how the overall Ashley brand was being communicated and desired to shore up a cohesive identity.

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Ashlley Graphic System

Solution & Results

There was history and equity in the Ashley “A” letterform of the original logo so we decided to build on that and bring a modern, refined look to the mark. Accompanied with a contemporary typeface, we also developed a graphic support system that mimicked symbols on a blueprint and reflected on the detail, precision, and craftsmanship that goes into their work.

Bringing these elements together along with the addition of a new color pallette and typeface provided a more modern, dynamic look to the brand.

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