Champions of Red Line

Champions of Red Line Video series featuring testimonials from professionals within the automotive industry discussing the reliable quality of Red Line Oil attributing to their success.

KONI Light Truck Series

KONI Light Truck Series Video about KONI's line of light truck shock absorbers. Part 2

KONI Runge Documentary

KONI Runge Documentary Short documentary video on KONI Performance Shock Absorbers' partnership with Runge cars.


FRAMEFROG demo Informational video about a new product that revolutionizes the installation process for wiring commercial doors.

Dry Effect vs. Preferred Vendor

Dry Effect vs. Preferred Vendor 2D animated video about Dry Effect, a restoration company, and their stance in the market vs. a "preferred vendor".


Pompilio's A long time client of The Think Shop, Pompilio’s set the bar for authentic family Italian cuisine around the region. The proprietors of the 1933 Northern Kentucky landmark restaurant challenged us…

Cengage Unlimited Learning Tree

Cengage Unlimited Learning Tree This is a 2D animated video for Cengage Unlimited. It explains the many benefits for college business students enrolled in the subscription conveyed through an illustrated tree that…

Koni Experience

Koni Experience General video promoting the top line of performance shock absorbers for KONI.

Koni Man

Koni Man This is a series of 8 commercial spots (3 seen here) for a national rebate sale promoting KONI performance shock absorbers. The concept is based on bringing to life an…

YMCA Interior Branding

YMCA Interior Branding Environmental Design The YMCA in downtown Dayton, Ohio asked us to help liven up their interior space. Built in 1929, the building is historic but the YMCA wanted its…