Meet Our Team


David Dalton

Principal / Owner

A tinkerer in every sense of the word who loves to live the lake life and could hold an engaging conversation with a tree stump (I’ve seen it), all the while in a lifelong pursuit of the perfect tee shirt.


Rob Sudduth

Creative Director

90’s hip hop head with a one sided love affair with the Bengals holding steady for the day they repay him with a playoff win and sarcasm that we are never really totally sure is sarcasm.


Macie Cherry

Senior Designer

Our designated Think Shop daily DJ with a strong repertoire of comfy kimonos and one of the strongest pun games you’ll ever see.


Brian Schroeder

Production Designer

Our in house movie actor (we suggest his best work, “Crime Vision”) with healthy obsessions for guitar restoration and vintage Porsche’s.


Audra Westrich

Junior Designer

Our resident guinea pig aficionado with love for all things post metal and the inexplicable ability to drop Brooklyn 99 references into daily conversation.


Cody Pelle

Social Media Coordinator

Meme specialist who may have been born 50 years too late with a floral shirt collection for the ages and the ability to quote every line ever said in “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”.

Sara Stuckey

Sara Stuckey

Operations and Business Development

Dayton Flyers superfan whose triathlete skills bring The Think Shop rec teams to the verge of legitimacy with an ability to tell you anything you would ever want to know about coffee beans.


Maria Conroy

Project Coordinator/Business Development

The youngest old person you’ve ever met who is the most active member of the Eugenio Suarez fan club and has never met a cat she didn’t want to abduct (I mean adopt).